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Sugar Free Coconut Ice – Raw and Vegan Goodness

Healthy, low carb and sugar free coconut ice treats for the occasional keto friendly snack you and your kids will love…Do you have fond memories of coconut ice, but can’t imagine eating anything with so much sugar ever again? Yeah me too. As a child I didn’t like coconut, but I enjoyed coconut ice. Go figure! It […]

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Keto Breakfast Smoothie

A healthy, keto friendly breakfast smoothie to start your day…I start most days with a cup of black coffee and then by mid-morning I have coffee with butter and MCT oil. But some days I really want a rich and flavorsome smoothie. On those days I make a quick and delicious low carb smoothie. One of my […]

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Best Keto Meatloaf Recipes

​Best keto meatloaf recipes for the lover of meatloaf and the skeptic looking for that elusive flavorsome and “this is the best ever” recipe…Meatloaf is one of those adaptable comfort foods.  When meatloaf is good it can be really good, but when it is bad, it can be really awful. I am sure a few of you […]

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23 Must Have Easy Keto Cookies for 2019

23 easy keto cookie recipes for the holidays. Convert childhood favorites to keto friendly treats and discover new low carb recipe ideas…Are you dreading the holidays, because of all the unhealthy desserts and treats that you see everywhere? It can be tough to get through the holidays, but you have plenty of healthy cookie, dessert and […]

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Keto Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

​Sugar free and grain free. This keto chocolate chip cookie recipe is the one you want to save with your essential go to keto recipe collection.​How do you like your chocolate chip cookies? Do you like them soft and chewy? Or with a crispy outer edge?  As you can see, I like mine crispy. If you do too, […]

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Keto Biscotti with Almond Flour

​Sugar free and gluten free. You want to save this keto biscotti recipe for an elegant tea with friends.Keto biscotti cookies can be made with almond flour, coconut flower or a mix of flours. Traditionally this Italian goodness is made from wheat flour, sugar, eggs, cranberries and nuts like almond, pistachio and pine nuts. Their flavors are […]

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