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NolineMy name is Noline and I have been a dieter most of my life. 🙂 I have lost and gained hundreds of pounds over the years. I am in my forties now and as you will know, it gets harder to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight as we age.

I was tired of the low-food diets, and being told that I didn’t have any willpower. That it is all about calories in and calories out. Just eat less and move more.

Yeah right! Guess how that worked for me? Not very well. So that is why I started to investigate the keto lifestyle and ketogenic diets.

It has opened a new world for me. I have to admit that some days I feel a little angry that we were lied to for so long about what we should and shouldn’t eat.

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This is a long-term journey for me and I would love to have you on board.

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