Avocado Taco Boats for an Easy Low Carb Taco Tuesday

Looking for a keto friendly Taco Tuesday home cooked meal?

Then you’ll love this avocado taco boat recipe...

Avocado Taco Boats

Not only are they low carb, but they bring you the taste you love with the good fats your body craves.

And you can make them in less than 30 minutes.

They are really easy to make. Watch how they are made and then scroll down for the recipe…

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Avocado Pizza Boat Recipe

​What you need

For the Salsa

  • ¼ diced cucumber
  • 2 oz of chopped cherry tomatoes
  • arrow-right
    ½ a diced red onion 
  • 1 oz of diced Jalapeno peppers
  • Juice of half a lime

The Taco Meat

  • ½ a pound of ground beef
  •  ½ a tsp of ground chili powder
  • arrow-right
    ½ tsp of paprika 
  • ½ tsp of ground cumin
  • ¼ cup of sugar free tomato puree (passata)
  • ½ a cup of shredded Mozarella cheese

The Boats

  • 2 pitted and halved avocados 
  •  ½ a cup of sour cream
  • arrow-right
    1 oz of chopped cilantro 

​What you Do

Make the Salsa

  • Dice and chop and then add the cucumber, cherry tomatoes, red onion, peppers and lime juice to a bowl. 
  • Gently combine and set aside.

Cook the Taco Meat

  • Add the beef to a skillet and brown it over medium heat.
  • Then add chili, paprika, cumin and passata.
  • Cook the beef until done.
  • Stir the mozzarella into the beef and melt it.
  • Remove from the heat.

Assemble the Dish

  • Slightly enlarge the indent in the avocado with a spoon.
  • Fill with taco meat, then top with salsa, sour cream and cilantro and enjoy...

This recipe makes 4 single boats.

I love the freshness and the zingyness of the salsa with the spicy taco filling.  

Nutritional Value

Here are the macros for each boat...

  • Calories - 341 
  • Net Carbs  -  5 
  • Fat  -  27
  • indent
    Protein  -  19
Low carb tacos

Variations and Ideas

This Taco seasoning is reasonably mild.

If you like stronger intense flavoring, you’ll want to double the spices. This is very much about personal preference, and like with sweeteners, experiment until you find the optimal taste for you and your family.

I prefer to mix my own spices, but if you like a ready mix,then get something like this. It has no added MSG or fillers.

This recipe uses Mozzarella cheese, which is more chewy, but with a milder taste.

If you prefer the flavor you get from bold cheeses, then replace it with a sharp cheddar cheese.

Or sprinkle a little Parmesan cheese over the top of your boat.

I prefer to shred my own Mozzarella cheese, as store bought shredded cheese may have added cellulose (or wood pulp) to keep the cheese from sticking together.

It is best to eat these immediately, but if you can't then prepare all the ingredients and assemble them just before eating. 

As soon as you cut your avocado and the flesh gets into contact with oxygen, the discoloration process will start.

To prevent this, you can:

  • Sprinkle a little lemon or lime juice over your avocado.
  • Brush it with avocado oil to form a barrier.

If you cook for one and have one half left, be sure to store it with the pit in. 

It also helps to store it in one of these saver pods.

Last year, these were very popular as gifts. You can read more about them and our other holiday gifts for ketoers here.

Low Carb Avocado Taco Boats

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What about You? Have you tried these avocado boats? Will you?


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Heather Wilson - February 12, 2020

This was a very tasty dish! It‚Äôs a keeper, love the salsa zesty crisp flavour with the taco boat! Thanks for helping us new keto kids with recipes ūüĎć

    Noline - February 16, 2020

    Thank you Heather, glad you enjoyed it.

Lisa Manni - January 7, 2019

This is delicious! I will prepare this evening for my partner. Thank you very much 

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