Omega PowerCreamer: Butter Coffee Made Easy

Butter Coffee the easy way...

Omega PowerCreamer Butter Coffee Made Easy

People all over the world are discovering the many health and weight loss benefits of adding butter and healthy fats to their morning coffee.

Starting the day with high-quality fats instead of carbohydrates provides sustained energy, maximizes the antioxidants already present in coffee or tea, and keeps your body burning fat for fuel for longer hours.

Unfortunately, the process of adding butter to coffee can sometimes be messy and time-consuming.

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It can be a challenge to add another task to an already busy morning routine, and sometimes our health suffers due to lack of time.

Omega Power Creamer claims to change all that, by combining the benefits of buttered coffee with the convenience of a conventional coffee creamer.

Made with all-natural, organic ingredients, Omega PowerCreamer is shelf-stable, meaning that it doesn't need to be refrigerated.

This makes it easy and convenient to use at home, travel with, or keep at your desk for a boost at work.


Omega PowerCreamer contains just four healthy ingredients: grass-fed ghee, organic coconut oil, 100% coconut MCT oil, and sunflower lecithin.

All the ingredients are organic, grass-fed, and the coconut oil is fairly traded.

Omega sources ghee from grass-fed, California cows, and then slow cooks it in small, artisanal batches, to preserve the rich taste and smooth texture.

Ketoers will already be familiar with the benefits of incorporating Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCT) into your diet. 

MCTs are rapidly metabolized and efficiently used by the body for sustained energy, better brain performance, and weight maintenance. MCT oils also reduce inflammation and help promote healthy digestion.

Omega PowerCreamer is a liquid, and the container has an easy-pour top for accurate measuring of intake and calories.

Simply pour a tablespoon into a cup of coffee, then blend for 10 seconds to create a foamy, creamy butter coffee.

Combining the benefits of ghee, coconut oil, and MCT oils into one easy-to-use product saves time and energy in the mornings, and makes it easier to maintain a state of ketosis.


  • Contains healthy fats, including ghee, coconut oil, and MCT oil
  • Good taste and texture
  • All certified organic, natural, sustainable ingredients
  • Less than $1 per cup
  • Fairly traded coconut oil
  • Ghee from US grass fed cows
  • Easy to use
  • No need to refrigerate
  • No dairy or lactose
  • Comes in three flavors: original, cacao, and vanilla


  • Will only combine with hot beverages
  • Comes in a plastic bottle
Power Creamer Easy Butter Coffee


Omega PowerCreamer is a simple way to make butter coffee part of your busy morning routine.

The convenience of having all your healthy fats in one easy, portable bottle makes it easy to maintain a keto lifestyle.

With just four natural, organic, well-sourced ingredients, you always know what you're putting in your body.

A bottle of Omega PowerCreamer makes 20 cups of butter coffee, making it a good value for the ease of use.

Because the bottle doesn't need to be refrigerated, it can easily be used at work or on the road, so it's also friendly for travelers and commuters.

The combination of ghee, coconut oil, MCT oil, and sunflower lecithin will boost your brain and body, giving you better focus and concentration, sustained energy, and help burn stored body fats.

Maintaining a state of ketosis with a delicious, easy morning beverage is practiced and recommended by a growing number of ketoers and health experts.

Comparisons to other Butter and MCT Oil Coffee Blends

Omega PowerCreamer is similar to Coffee Booster, which also contains ghee and coconut oil, and is made with organic, non-GMO ingredients. 

Coffee Booster is also simple to use and shelf-stable, so it's another easy way to make healthy fats an integral part of your morning coffee routine.

If you prefer coconut oil to MCT oil, then you may want to consider Coffee Booster as it is made only with coconut oil and doesn't have added MCT oil.

Unlike PowerCreamer that comes in three flavors, Coffee Booster is only available in cacao flavor though.

Another option for butter coffee is Coffee++ from Pure Indian foods.

Coffee++ contains only grass-fed organic cultured ghee and MCTs from coconut and/or palm kernel oil.

Coffee++ is that it gives the option of plastic or glass bottles, for easier recycling.

While reviewers love Coffee++ and it offers many of the brain and body benefits of other butter coffee mixes, it's only available in plain flavor. So consider it if you are looking for a plain ghee and MCT oil blend.


Omega PowerCreamer is a fantastic way to start your day with a clear mind and better concentration, while keeping your body burning fat and working efficiently. 

Furthermore,  high-quality fats in the morning decreases your appetite while promoting sustained energy throughout the day.

The ingredients are all-natural, organic, additive-free, and sustainably, fairly sourced, so it's a product you can feel good about buying.

PowerCreamer gives you an easy way to enjoy your  butter coffee no matter where you are and is available in three flavors, to suit different tastes or add variety to a keto lifestyle.

It's worth noting that, like all butter coffee mixes, the manufacturer recommends using a blender or frother to combine the PowerCreamer with coffee.

However, many Amazon reviewers simply use a spoon and stir it in and are happy with the results.

Combining with a spoon or self-stirring cup may make this product even easier to use and incorporate into your daily lifestyle.

A self-stirring mug makes for a fun gift for a keto friend.

On that note, why not check out our gift suggestions for ketoers and other health nuts?

To transform your morning coffee, tea, matcha, or chai into a delicious, nutritious beverage that promotes fat burning while maintaining good health, Omega PowerCreamer is an excellent choice.

It keeps the body in a state of ketosis while still allowing you to manage your busy lifestyle, which is something we all want.

These coffee blends are great and really convenient.


If you prefer to make your coffee from scratch with MCT oil and ghee or butter, then check out our preferred MCT oil here.


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