Best MCT Oil to Support Your Low Carb Diet in 2019

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Best MCT Oil

MCT stands for medium chain triglycerides. These are a type of saturated fatty acids that are said to have a wide array of health benefits for our bodies.

These oils have become increasingly popular and like you, more and more people are now looking for the best MCT oil supplement.

Including MCT oil into your daily diet can help you to manage your weight as it supports ketosis, increases metabolism and balances hormones that makes you less hungry.

Like glucose, it can provide quick energy boosts, but unlike glucose tends to provide ongoing energy.

Okay – enough about what it can do for you!

If you are here, you are probably wandering:

“Which MCT oil supplement is best for me?”

That depends on exactly what you are looking for. Check out the comparison chart below…


… if you just want to know which one is our favorite – go straight here.

This review is all about MCT Oil blends. If you prefer a pure C8 oil then check out our review of the best C8 MCT oils. Or if you prefer a powder, this is what you’ll want to check out.

MCT Oil Comparison Chart

With all of that said here is a summary of five of the best medium chain triglyceride oils you can try out.





Viva Naturals Non-GMO Pure Coconut MCT Oil

Well priced C8 and C10 blend

 $$ 9.2/10
  Premium MCT Oil derived only from Organic Coconuts

C8, C10 and C12 organic blend

 $$ 8.2/10
All Natural Coconut MCT Oil

C8 and 10

 $$  8.6/10
Left Coast Performance Coconut MCT Oil

C8 and C10 produced from fractionated coconut oil

 $$  9.1/10
WOD Food Premium MCT Oil

Expensive for a C8, 10 and 12 blend

 $$$ 8.0/10

How to Choose the Best MCT Oil Supplement

Choosing the best MCT oil supplement is all about knowing what you need starting out with – why you want to take the oil, what the primary benefit is that you are seeking and how much you are already consuming on a daily basis.

For example MCTs are essential fatty acids and should be consumed daily as our bodies can’t produce them. So if you know that you regularly consume food that includes them, then supplementing daily is less important.

However if you are not consuming them regularly, then supplementing is more important and it may be important for you to find a product at a price point that you can afford to take regularly.

If price is important to you, have a look at the Amazon subscribe and save options and also their bulk buying options. In this way you can save up to 15% on supplements that your body requires regularly.

If you are seeking the oils to help you with getting into and staying in ketosis, then all of these oils will support your cause.

What to Look for in a Good MCT Oil

When choosing an MCT oil supplement you want to choose one that has been sustainably sourced and naturally extracted. Oils labeled as such is your best option and will provide you with the best value for money. You want to choose oil that doesn’t have any additives, fillers or flavors.

Flavor is important especially if it will be your first time using MCT oil as a supplement. Choosing a product with no flavor helps with the palatability of the product.  So you want to look into that when choosing good MCT oil especially if you have a sensitive palate.

You also want to consider the length of the MCTs. Now that is a mouthful. all that means is that MCT oils consist of different triglycerides. In theory the shorter the chain the faster the body can turn the essential fatty acids into energy.or ketones which of course is what every ketoer aims for.

There are four different kinds of medium chain triglycerides:

  • Caprioc acid (C 6)
  • Caprylic acid (C 8)
  • Capric acid (C 10)
  • Lauric acid (C 12)

Most MCT oils are made up of a combination of C 8 and C 10 or a combination of C 8, C 10 and C 12. Lauric acid or C 12 is also easily found in coconut oil, so may be seen as a little less important in a pure MCT oil.

Ideally MCT oils should be produced from non-GMO organic coconuts.

When selecting a supplement, the container in which it is packaged is also important. Dark glass is best, but BPA free plastic bottles are more often than not the norm.

MCT Oil Reviews

Carry on reading for a detailed breakdown of each product…

Viva Naturals Non-GMO Pure Coconut MCT Oil Review

This MCT Oil from Viva Naturals is a non-GMO product that is gluten free and approved for vegan, paleo, keto and low carb diets. This product contains MCT oil that was sustainably sourced and extracted naturally from only coconuts.

You will find no additives, no flavors and no fillers in this product. The manufacturers boast that their oils come from fresh and handpicked coconuts and the product is made in the USA and has undergone testing by third party organizations that test every batch of oil for potency and purity.

Previously this product was branded as Viva Labs but rest assured only the packaging has changed as the ingredients are the same high quality ingredients you have been used to.

It consist of roughly 60% C 8 and 40% C 10.

If you have a sensitive palate you don’t have to worry as this MCT oil is flavorless. This means you can add it to a number of your favorite meal items including your salads, smoothies, sauces, bone broth and definitely your morning cup of coffee. (Click on the image to check them out)


  • Non-GMO product
  • Gluten free
  • Certified Paleo and Vegan
  • Sourced only from coconuts that are sustainably harvested
  • Consist of Caprylic (C8) and Capric (C10) acids only
  • No flavors, fillers or additives
  • Every batch is tested by a third party company
  • No unpleasant taste or smell
  • Users report less nausea and diarrhea than experienced with similar products
  • Great value for money
  • Money back guarantee (Always check the fine print at time of purchase)
  • Bulk discounts (Check page for discount codes)
  • More than 2000 customer reviews with a high average rating


  • Not organic

Premium MCT Oil derived only from Organic Coconuts Review

This 32 oz. bottle of MCT oil is certified as Paleo safe and is registered as a truly vegan product by the Vegan society. It is made by Sports Research and is GMO and gluten free.

The product is made from oils that are sourced only from organic coconuts and it contains no solvents.

It is a blend of C 8 (38%), C 10 (31%) and C 12 (31%). For many purists the C 12 level would be a bit too high. To read more about the benefits of Lauric acid, click here.

For more information about this product, watch the review below:


  • Organic
  • Certified Paleo safe
  • Registered as truly vegan by the Vegan Society
  • Non-GMO verified
  • Gluten free
  • Made from 100% Coconut oil
  • No solvents included
  • Tasteless and odorless
  • More than a 1500 customer reviews with many happy customers


  • Includes Lauric Acid
  • A little more expensive

32 OZ C8 &C10 All Natural Coconut MCT Oil – Weight & Energy Supplement Review

This MCT oil product is another gluten free formula that is ideal for supporting your metabolism, providing you with pure energy and supporting your mental focus and cognitive function. This all natural coconut supplement comes from the manufacturer Zenwise and is derived from 100% coconut oil.

It can help improve your endurance, your energy and your overall health. It consists of 67% caprylic acid (C 8) and 33% capric acid (C 10) which provides you with energy without the headaches, jitters or crashes you get from caffeine or sugar.

With a flavorless formula you can easily add this oil to your favorite food and drinks and enjoy its benefits while enjoying your favorite things. Add it to either your pre or your post work out shakes or snacks or whatever you like.



  • Gluten free formula
  • High percentage of caprylic acid
  • Flavorless formula
  • Made from coconuts only
  • Customer satisfaction guarantee (Double check the fine print at time of purchase)
  • Discount coupons for buying more than one product (Always check all Amazon pages for additional discounts)
  • It has lots of customer reviews, showing many happy customers


  • Not organic
  • No GMO claims

Left Coast Performance Coconut MCT Oil Review

If you have a sensitive stomach this is the best option for MCT oil for you. This product from Left Coast is made specifically so that it is easier for your body to absorb and digest and so it is better for those who may have a sensitive stomach. Because it digests and absorbs easier it will also help to release your energy faster than you will notice with others.

The oil is produced at a GMP facility in the USA using a low heat process and is triple filtered ensuring a high quality and purity. Each batch is tested for heavy metals and impurities ensuring only a high quality oil.

It is packaged in BPA-free food grade plastic container and the coconuts are sourced from Malaysia.

It consist of 56% C 8 and 44% C 10, which is produced from fractionated coconut oil.

Added to all of that is the perk that this is one of the more affordable brands of MCT oil on the market so it is great for those who want a decent MCT oil but are on a budget. You won’t be let down by this product and you will definitely enjoy using it as well consuming it.


  • Paleo and Keto friendly
  • Vegan suitable
  • Gluten free
  • Made from coconuts only
  • Manufactured in a GMP certified facility
  • Made by a small family owned US company cutting out the middleman
  • Easy to absorb and digest
  • Great value for money
  • Best priced
  • Many satisfied customer reviews and testimonials


  • Non organic
  • No claims about GMO

WOD Food Premium MCT Supplement Review

This 16 oz. MCT oil from WOD Food is a made from non-GMO sustainably sourced coconuts at a GMP facility and is an excellent source of fuel for anybody following a ketogenic diet.

This is a great way to improve your diet as it provides you with a healthy source of energy for all day use. It will help to boost your metabolism and curb your appetite as well and thereby supports weight loss and management.

It is also helpful in maintaining healthy levels for cholesterol and it has multiple uses. It is paleo and ketogenic friendly and can be used in a number of keto recipes, shakes and drinks. You can take this tasteless formula by itself if your palate can manage it.

It is a blend of acids with approximately 38% C 8, 31% C 10 and 31% C 12.

The oil is stored in a BPA free bottle and is backed by a 100% money back guarantee allowing you that safety net to return the product if you don’t like it.


  • Non-GMO
  • Suitable for Keto and Paleo
  • Easy to digest
  • Made from sustainably sourced coconuts
  • Tasteless formula
  • Manufactured in a GMP facility
  • Stored in a BPA free bottle
  • Backed by a 100% money back guarantee


  • Non-organic
  • Includes Lauric acid
  • Only available in 16 oz. bottles
  • Expensive compared to the other products
  • Relatively new product, so limited customer reviews


MCT oils are a great addition to your diet for a number of different reasons. There are many brands of MCT oils and as the demand is increasing, more manufacturers are bringing products to market.

If you are a regular user of MCT oil and want to save money, be sure to check out the subscribe and safe discounts with most of these products and check for additional discounts and coupons.

Depending on your needs all the products above can support your health or ketogenic lifestyle. We believe the above five products are some of the best MCT oil brands you will find on the market right now, but will add new information on these or new products as it becomes available.

Right now, my personal favorite is the Viva Naturals Non-GMO Oil. It is well priced and good value for money. My only gripe is that it is not made from organic coconuts.

Not really looking for an MCT oil supplement, but rather just for a coconut and butter ready made oil coffee booster? Then check out our coffee booster review.















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