23 Keto Smoothies that are Delicious and Low Carb

23 Easy keto smoothies that are low in carbs, delicious and will leave you satiated for hours...

23 Delicious Keto Friendly Low Carb Smoothies

When you start out on a ketogenic diet, you may be somewhat worried about how much carbs there are in smoothies.

I was concerned about the carbs, and for a while, I stopped making them.

When I realized how much I was missing my green smoothies, I set out to find the best easy keto smoothie recipes so that I again could enjoy delicious and healthy smoothies.

When I make a ketogenic smoothie, I follow the normal keto RULES – moderate protein, very little carbs and lots of good fats.

Generally when I make a smoothie I start out with a base, then I add greens, two to three good fats, protein, flavoring and sweetness.

The fat keeps me satiated for hours and the flavoring brings me back for more.

... and following this approach, I know I can stay in ketosis and use fat as my main source of fuel.

But before we look at morning shakes or low carb smoothie ideas -

You'll need the right appliance to make a good smoothie. For easy reference, here's a list of first rate smoothie blenders.

And now, enjoy our selection of the best keto smoothies…

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Let's start with breakfast...

Breakfast - The Liquid Start to Your Day

For most of us when we think smoothie, we think breakfast. Don't we?

Smoothies are a great alternative to eggs when you follow a ketogenic diet. Just keep the carbs low and pack them with fats.

Here are our favorite keto breakfast smoothies...

Low Carb Breakfast Smoothie with Almond Milk

This healthy low carb smoothie gives you all the nutrients you need to kick start your day.

It has almond milk as its base and the beautiful green color is thanks to the spinach and avocado.

The celery, cucumber and matcha are packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

The coconut oil and chia seeds provide plenty good fats and the main source of protein is Isopure Protein powder.

Low Carb Smoothie with Almond Milk

Visit tasteaholics.com for the recipe and to read more about all these super ingredients that make this smoothie the powerhouse breakfast that it is.

Filling Peanut Butter Milkshake

This filling easy keto recipe has almond milk as its base.

The main protein source is from gelatin collagen protein powder and the main source of fat is from natural peanut butter. 

Matcha powder provides the morning caffeine kick and ground flax seeds or chia seeds the fiber.

It is sweetened with vanilla stevia.

Filling Peanut Butter Milkshake

It is from Denise at My Life Cookbook.

She says she has two go to smoothies that she alternates between. This drink is her ultimate favorite because it has only 3 net grams of carbs per serving.

Check out her website for the recipe.

Breakfast in Five

Chia Breakfast

This is another fiber rich breakfast choice.

It starts out with water as its base. To that I add a tablespoon of chia seeds and heavy cream as a super indulgence.

The protein is from collagen protein powder.

It is full of healthy fats, thanks to the MCT oil and almond butter. For this recipe I used Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil, but you can use any MCT oil. If you’d like to try a C8 MCT oil, then check out our C8 MCT oil comparison.

The amazing flavor is from the vanilla extract and cinnamon and it is sweetened with a few drops of stevia.

Chia Breakfast

Chocolate Keto Smoothie

Starting the day with this chocolate keto smoothie, feels like cheating.

It is soo good!

It is also an interesting way to “eat” your eggs without knowing that you are. But, if you don’t eat raw eggs, Martina gives you three alternatives.

I like this recipe, because firstly who doesn’t like chocolate for breakfast? 🙂

… and secondly - with all the alternatives that she suggests, you'll never run out of recipe ideas.

Chocolate Keto Smoothie

Go check it out for yourself at KetoDiet Blog.

Green Drinks - Keto Doesn't Mean NO Veg

Whether you are looking for a low carb breakfast that is not eggs or a way to add a little more greens into your ketogenic diet, adding green smoothies to your diet is the way to go.

You can add spinach, kale and any dark green lettuce to a smoothie without adding much net carbs.

My personal favorite is baby spinach, because of its mild taste and nutrient profile.

Try these keto green smoothie recipes and always experiment until you find the best combination that works for your personal macros and taste buds…

5 Ingredient Keto Green Smoothie

This simple drink is by Matt and Megha from Keto Connect. 

Matt says that he has experimented with lots and lots of combinations until he settled on these 5 ingredients. He says he makes this smoothie most mornings.

It has 3 net carbs and is high in fat and protein.

He uses Isopure protein. You can find it here. He used the cookies and cream flavor, but I don’t think it is available anymore. If you are looking for the sweeter fruitier tastes then try the banana cream or apple melon flavors.

This smoothie is high in fiber both from the chia seeds and the flax meal.

Obviously the Isopure protein provides a good serving of protein and the MCT oil good fat and mental clarity.

Matt suggests that coconut oil doesn’t work very well in cold drinks, as it tends to go solid and doesn’t mix properly.

Like Matt, I have ended up with a few “coconut bombs” in my mouth from coconut that solidified as soon as it got into contact with the cold ingredients.

If you too miss your green smoothies, you definitely want to watch Matt and Megha make this super green smoothie.

I like how they explain exactly what they are doing and why they use specific ingredients.

Enjoy the video and then get the recipe on their website here.

No Sugar Kale and Coconut Shake

This is another vegan and Paleo friendly smoothie recipe.

It is a completely sugar free and sweetener free shake, so may not be to everyone’s liking.

The coconut does give it a hint of sweetness and the ginger gives it a little bit of a kick, breaking the strong taste of kale.

The coconut and almond milk gives it a fair amount of good fat.

The net carbs may be relatively high though. Just showing that fruit and sugar sugar free doesn’t necessarily mean low carb.

No Sugar Kale and Coconut Shake

Fruit Free with Hemp Powder

This smoothie by Leanne from HealthfulPursuit.com is vegan and nut free.

If you follow Leanne, you’ll know that her approach to keto is a little different. If you are a woman with hormonal concerns, you may find her approach refreshing. Her focus is on healing the body through fat fueled eating.

It is made with unsweetened almond milk as the base and vanilla flavored hemp powder for protein.

Not only does the avocado provide good fat, but it also adds to the thickness of the drink and with the spinach brings the beautiful vibrant green color.

Flavor is derived from vanilla extract and lemon juice.

Fruit Free with Hemp Powder

Ketogenic Green Smoothie

This ketogenic green smoothie is from Sara at RealBalanced.com and has only 3.6 net grams of carbs.

She says she likes to enjoy this drink in the early afternoon as it keeps her satiated until dinner time.

What I like about this recipe is that she gives a number of different options. So make this easy keto recipe as is, or incorporate the many options she shares to completely change the drink.

Ketogenic Green Smoothie

Dr Berg's Green Drink

If you ever listen to Dr Berg, you know that he doesn’t like vegetables and would prefer to live on potato chips, popcorn and salty snacks.

But he knows to be healthy he really needs the nutrients, raw enzymes, vitamins and minerals from vegetables. He says it is impossible to get healthy without eating vegetables and a fair amount of these vegetables need to be raw.

He says he likes to blend his vegetables, so that he can consume a lot of raw vegetables.

In the video below, he shows us how he makes his favorite green drink.

He starts out by blending water and kale. To that he adds either flavored liquid stevia or his own Instant Kale Shake protein powder with chocolate or berry flavor.

The protein powder is sweetened with xylitol and erythritol, so no other sweeteners are needed.

Watch the video now…

Ketogenic Fruit Smoothies - Yeah it is Possible

If you like fruity drinks, but still want a really low carb treat or meal, you have one of two choices.

  1. Stick to berries and or lemon and keep the portions small.
  2. Use fruit extracts or flavored protein powders.

When you use anything flavored, always be sure to check the ingredients carefully for added sugars.

Enjoy these fruity low carb high fat smoothies...

Keto Tropical Wonder

Our first fruit smoothie is from Ruled.me where Craig created this amazing keto tropical wonder by using liquid stevia and mango, blueberry and banana extract.

This fruity and refreshing drink has only 4.4 net carbs.

By using fruit extracts, you can recreate any fruity taste you want without the added carbs.


Tropical Wonder

Sugar-free Strawberry Delight

This simple creamy strawberry delight is made with four ingredients that you’ll find in most keto kitchens.

It uses almond milk as its base, avocado for fat and texture and strawberries and erythritol for sweetness.

Yeah and a fifth, if you’d like to add some full fat cream. 🙂

Sugar-free Ketogenic Strawberry MilkShake

Get the recipe and many more from Maya at Wholesomeyum.com.

Healing Smoothies - Food Truly is Medicine

Many of us who find the keto lifestyle do so because we have become sick and need a way to help our bodies heal from years of excess and sugary foods.

Many of the foods we were told for years were healthy, caused our bodies to become inflamed resulting in pain and all kinds of diseases.

One of the clear benefits of keto is that once you remove the foods that cause inflammation from your diet, many of these ill health symptoms improve.

Many of the smoothies on this page, will support gut health and detox, but I like these three recipes specifically for their anti-inflammatory ingredients and detox capabilities.

Enjoy and let us know your thought in the comments…

Anti-Inflammatory Start to Your Day 

If you follow Kim at LowCarbMaven.com, you’ll know that she puts a lot of thought into all her recipes. This delicious and healthy breakfast is no exception.

She says that when she chose the ingredients for this health smoothie, she considered both the health objectives she wanted to achieve and taste.

Her goal was to make a shake that contains healthy fats and is rich in anti-inflammatory compounds.

By adding ginger and turmeric she achieved her health objectives and created a delicious and tasty drink.

Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie

Get this recipe and many more here.

Low Carb Cucumber Green Tea Detox

Brenda from SugarFreeMom.com loves this breakfast on Monday mornings.

She says that after the weekend she always needs a light and refreshing breakfast to kick her body back into the swing of things.

If you feel that you need an extra pick me up on Mondays, or need a little detox help, then why not give it a go…

Low Carb Cucumber Green Tea Detox

Dr Amy Myers' Black Forest Drink

Dr Amy Myers is a functional medical expert who focuses on treating the whole person. She specializes in treating patients with autoimmune disease, having a personal history with Graves’ disease.

She does not follow a ketogenic diet, but her recipes are focused on gut health. Many of her recipes can be adopted for keto or, like this Black Forest Drink, can be enjoyed as is.

I like how she always explains how each ingredient can support your health.

Try out his refreshing drink that is made with coconut milk, frozen cherries, The Myers Way chocolate paleo protein powder and avocado.

Dr Amy Myers' Black Forest Drink

For the recipe, the photo credit and to read more about Dr Myers and her efforts to help people with autoimmune disease heal, go here.

LCHF Post Workout Fuel

Should you or shouldn’t you carb load after an intense workout?

I really don’t know, that is a decision you need to make, based on what you believe your body needs.

Personally my body doesn’t want any food shortly after a workout. So for me, the answer is easy.

What most people probably need after a workout is a good source of protein and fat to support recovery.

If you want to read more about the post exercise carb debate, then check out this article by nutritional and health consultant Jim Stoppani at Bodybuilding.com.

In a nutshell he believes in carb loading after intense exercise, except for those who completely cut carbs from their diet.

He feels that if you eat carbs during other meals, then you should include carbs in a post workout meal.

Acai Almond Butter Post Workout LCHF Smoothie

This LCHF post workout smoothie is a favorite of Alex from PerfectKeto.com.

He says that when he transitioned to a ketogenic diet, he gave up his carby post workout meals, but was missing his acai smoothie bowls.

He then developed this drink with only 6 net carbs per serving, where he could still enjoy the taste of acai berries, but without the high carbs.

It has almond milk as the base and collagen protein powder to support recovery. It is packed with good fat from avocado, MCT oil and almond butter.

The unsweetened acai puree, vanilla and stevia gives it a rich taste, flavor and the beautiful color.

Acai Almond Butter Post Workout LCHF Smoothie

To read more about the health benefits of acai and to get the recipe, go here.

Brendan Schaub's Post Workout Recovery Shake

This recovery shake is former UFC fighter Brendan Schaub’s favorite post workout meal.

The objective with this drink is to get the maximum nutrition and best possible recovery support after a workout.

It is made with almond milk, Recovery Protein, Earth-Grown Nutrients (power greens), MCT oil, chia seeds, almond butter and cold brew coffee.

If you are wondering what Recovery Protein is, it has been developed by Onnit specifically for recovery after intense workouts. It contains 16 grams of goat whey isolates, creatine and BCAA’s (branched chain amino acids) and colostrum.

If you are looking for an optimal post workout recovery drink, go check out the recipe.

Flamboyant and Fun Low Carb Smoothie Treats

These look more like treats than a meal, but they are healthy and satisfying.


Red Velvet Vegan Ketogenic Treat

It is true that we eat with our eyes and this red velvet vegan ketogenic smoothie is beautiful and vibrant.

The warm red velvet pink color is the result of adding a very small beet to the drink.

It has as its base coconut or almond milk.

The thickness and good fats are from avocado and the flavor, taste and sweetness from cacao powder, vanilla and stevia.

It has 6 net carbs per serving.

Red Velvet Vegan Ketogenic Treat

Cinnamon Roll Smoothie

Do you like cinnamon rolls? You are not alone.

Many of us, miss some of the flavors and foods from before we changed to a ketogenic lifestyle.

Traditional cinnamon rolls are high in carbs and filled with sugar.

... but, this cinnamon roll smoothie gives you the taste of cinnamon rolls without the sugar or the carbs.

It is made with almond milk, zero carb vanilla protein powder, flaxmeal, cinnamon, vanilla and sweetener.
Cinnamon Roll Smoothie

To get this recipe with less than 1 net carb per serving check out The-LowCarb-Diet.com.

All Natural Shamrock Shake

I love mint and I enjoy shamrock shakes.

What I love about this low carb shamrock shake is that I can enjoy a creamy, delicious, decadent shamrock shake without any guilt.

It is made with home-made sugar free and low carb ice cream, unsweetened almond milk, powdered or fresh spinach and mint of course.

All Natural Shamrock Shake

Get this delicious recipe at Low Carb Yum.

Keto Avocado Shake with Almond Milk

Last, but not least. The creamy ketogenic avocado shake - the dessert in a glass - a little bit of heaven for anybody with a sweet tooth.

This shake is from the Healthy Recipe Channel. Watch now…

This super creamy rich “milk shake” is made with almond milk, avocado flesh, stevia, coconut oil and ice.

I love how simple and easy it is!

Just a word of caution though. Don’t fill your Nutribullet all the way to the top. Making it this full is looking for an accident. 🙂


There is no reason why you can’t enjoy a delicious smoothie when you follow a low carb high fat diet. You just need to keep the normal keto diet rules in mind.


Sweeten and Thicken Them Without Fruit

When you make smoothies, the carbs can add up very quickly. The easiest way to keep the carb count down is to add NO fruit into your smoothies.

If you like your smoothies sweet, there are other ways to sweeten them. Stevia is one option, so is coconut milk or cream. I like to add nut butter and I find that they also add sweetness.

If you have been following a ketogenic lifestyle for a while, your taste buds are probably more sensitive to subtle sweetness.

It is only when we regularly eat a lot of sugar that coconut milk won’t taste sweet.

Are you vegan or vegetarian?

The Easiest Breakfast Choice for Vegans

If you are vegetarian or vegan and find it tough to follow a ketogenic diet, then your easiest breakfast choice has to be smoothies.

Not only do you have many different choices, but there are lots of high quality vegan protein powders to incorporate into your drinks.

Any recipe using dairy can easily be converted into a vegan option by exchanging dairy for almond or coconut milk.

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Breakfast in Five
23 Easy Keto Smoothie Recipes

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