MCT Powder with Prebiotic Acacia Fiber

MCT powder to support ketosis...

Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCT) are an important supplement in the keto lifestyle, as they naturally help achieve and maintain the state of ketosis in the body.

Typically, MCTs are available in liquid form, either alone or blended in combination with other fats.

However, Zhou Nutrition is now offering MCT Oil in a powder form.

If you are looking for an oil, then check out our reviews of the best MCT oil blends or pure C8 MCT oils.

Wondering what are the benefits of MCT powder vs MCT oil:


Already know that you prefer the powder.

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If you want to know what MCTs are all about, then scroll to the end of this page for more info.


CT Powder with Prebiotic Acacia Fiber contains only medium-chain triglycerides and prebiotic acacia fiber, with no fillers or unnecessary ingredients. (Having no fillers or added sugars are the most important considerations when choosing an MCT powder.)

It has 4 grams of healthy fat and zero grams of net carbs per scoop.

The prebiotic acacia fiber promotes healthy digestion and balances glucose in the body, while easing some of the stomach discomfort associated with a ketogenic diet and helping you feel fuller for longer. 

Medium-chain triglycerides suppress appetite, boost metabolism, create fast and sustained energy, and are a key component of a keto lifestyle.

By offering Medium-Chain Triglycerides in a powder form, rather than the customary liquid, Zhou Nutrition has created a way to make MCTs portable and easy to incorporate into a wide variety of foods. This powder can be blended into coffee and smoothies, and even added to baked goods.

Some people find that liquid oils separate when added to coffee, creating an unpleasant oily texture. MCT Powder with Prebiotic Acacia Fiber eliminates that problem while still including all the benefits of buttered coffee.

Also, many liquid oils will only emulsify into hot liquids, while this powder can be blended into cold liquids as well as hot, increasing the ways that healthy MCT oils can be included in a ketogenic diet.


  • Money-back guarantee
  • Can be packed in carry-on luggage
  • Minimal effect on taste and texture of foods and beverages
  • Easy to digest, low gastric upset
  • Lower cost-per-serving than other butter coffee mixes
  • Made in the USA
  • Can be used in cold beverages


  • Made from coconut and palm oil
  • Requires blending in a blender or with immersion blender for smooth combining


While the nutrition label reflects that there are some carbohydrates in Zhou Nutrition's MCT Powder, those carbs are derived from the dietary acacia fiber and do not affect blood sugar or ketosis.

Prebiotic fiber helps balance blood sugars, and promotes healthy digestion and provides extra fiber that may be in short supply when you start a ketogenic diet.

This product may help to alleviate some of the gastric issues people may experience in the early stages of a keto lifestyle, which can be a problem that makes people abandon the diet.

Alleviating digestive issues may help some people stick with keto long enough to get the benefits and ultimately adopt it as a lifestyle.

MCT oil is very helpful on a ketogenic diet and the option of having it in a powder as well as liquid form makes it easier to incorporate into a healthy, nutritious lifestyle every day.

Versatile enough to be added to coffee, smoothies, yogurt, shakes, and even baked goods, it offers a wide range of ways to add crucial fats into foods.

The powder form is also useful for frequent travelers, who have to be mindful of transporting liquids.

Comparisons to other powdered MCT oil supplements

There are other products available in powder form instead of liquid, so there are some options in the marketplace.

Perfect Keto also offers an MCT Powder. The Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder is pure MCT, with no other ingredients. Perfect Keto MCT powder ships in a BPA-free container and is also made in the USA.

Perfect Keto's powder does not include fiber, so those who want the added benefits of fiber may prefer the Zhou Nutrition product. The downside of Perfect Keto is that it is significantly more expensive per serving than the Zhou Nutrition. 

There is also a product available from Left Coast Performance. Containing MCTs and tapioca maltodextrin, the Left Coast Performance version offers a 60 day money-back guarantee.

However, the inclusion of maltodextrin does add carbohydrates, which are not present in Perfect Keto and are only present as indigestible fiber in Zhou Nutrition.

While these fats are healthy, the Left Coast Performance powder is probably not a good choice for a true ketogenic diet.


Whether you prefer a liquid or powdered MCT supplement really depends on your personal preference.

As long as the MCTs are derived from natural ingredients and the product doesn't include a lot of unwanted additions, you should feel free to experiment with the taste, texture, and method that works best for them.

Incorporating healthy fats into your morning coffee or smoothie is an easy way to achieve and maintain ketosis, and some people love the liquid fats that are available to make butter coffee.

If you are not one of them and find those too oily and dislike the way the fats separate and skim on top of the coffee, then an MCT powder might be a great solution.

The powders blend smoothly, do not separate, have minimal impact on flavor, and still offer all the health benefits.

Furthermore, powders are more convenient than the oils for traveling and are TSA-friendly for frequent travelers.

Among MCT powders, the Zhou Nutrition MCT powder with prebiotic acacia fiber is an excellent choice, because it combines the body and brain benefits of MCT oils with the digestive benefits of added fiber.

For a pure MCT, you’ll have to consider forking out more money for Perfect Keto.

The money-back guarantee makes it easy to try and see if it's a good solution for your individual needs and preferences. It's also affordable compared to comparable products.

Saving Money on Supplements

When you purchase supplements or really any consumable products on Amazon, always check for bulk discounts. At the time of publishing this post, Zhou Nutrition is offering such a bulk discount. I don’t know if it will still be available when you visit, so always check.

If you want to save even more money with your supplements and keto friendly products, be sure to check out the Subscribe and Save options with Amazon.

Right now they offer discounts of up to 15% if you join their Subscribe and Save Program and deliver at least 5 products per month to one address. These programs may change, so for the latest program details go here.

This whole MCT powder review is centered around which is the best MCT powder for your and the benefits of an MCT powder as compared to an MCT oil.

If however you still have questions about what is an MCT oil, then this should answer your question…

What is MCT Oil?

Medium-Chain Triglycerides are a type of fat with a number of important health benefits.

They are great fuels for the body, improving energy, cognition, and athletic performance as well as boosting metabolism and helping to maintain a healthy body weight.

MCT oils are processed more efficiently by the body than the long-chain fats in a normal, modern diet.

Long-chain fats require bile and enzymes secreted by the body to process them, break them down, and make them available to be used as fuel. Instead, they are more often stored as fat.

MCTs, however, don't require processing by the gall bladder or pancreas. They pass through the intestinal wall and are transported directly to the liver, which converts them into ketones, readily available to burn as an energy source.

If you are looking for support with your ketogenic lifestyle or for an energy boost or mental clarity, seriously consider adding MCTs do your daily diet. You may be surprised by the energy boost.


Noline is a therapeutic reflexologist who converted to the keto lifestyle after losing 55 pounds without counting calories or starving herself. She is a Professor Tim Noakes and the Nutrition Network student and feels compelled to share the low-carb lifestyle with as many people as possible. She does this at Essential Keto, where she shares resources, recipes, and experiences while working on losing that last 10 pounds.