Coffee Booster: Kick Your Coffee Up a Notch

If you’re looking for a little extra “oomph” in your health routine, look no further than the Coffee Booster nutritional supplement.

Coffee Booster: Kick Your Coffee Up a Notch

If you’re getting serious about your fitness routine and need that extra boost of energy in the morning before your workout, whether you’re new to the keto diet, seek to maintain your fat-burning state of ketosis.

Or if you’ve been looking for a way to incorporate an extra shot of stamina and sustainable energy into your routine.

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Coffee Booster is a great way to introduce yourself to the health benefits of a low-carbohydrate diet, using good fats as energy.

Made of ingredients that are pronounceable and sustainable, Coffee Booster is as good for the earth as it is for you.

Made from an all-organic mixture of coconut oil, ghee (clarified butter) from grass-fed cows and raw cacao, you’ll be able to taste the difference. It’s easy to use.

Just add Coffee Booster to your usual morning coffee and mix with an electric or hand blender for much-needed fat-burning energy first thing in the morning.


Most of us today have a busy lifestyle—there’s hardly time to incorporate a new element to our health routines, but Coffee Booster is so easy to use.

Just add a scoop to your morning coffee and mix with a hand-held milk frother or blender and you’ll have a unique blend of healthy fats to your morning coffee.

If you’ve heard of the “butter coffee” phenomenon, Coffee Booster is a great way to introduce it into your life.

Made from all organic, non-genetically modified ingredients like virgin coconut oil and raw organic cacao, Coffee Booster is an extra boost of energy and health in one shot.

You’ll be glad you incorporated coffee booster into your morning routine—get a great start to your day and maintain energy all day long.

No need to refrigerate—Coffee Booster can be added anytime, anywhere.

Take a jar in your bag on the way to work or on long trips.

Add a shot of coffee booster and blend for only 10 seconds with a hand-held milk frother or blender and your usual hot coffee takes on a whole new life.

If making Coffee Booster at home, using a high-speed blender is also appropriate.

When purchasing Coffee Booster, you’ll get a 14oz jar to use anywhere without the need for refrigeration.

Using Coffee Booster will give you focus and mental acuity as well as energy and curb cravings for less than healthful foods—ideal for a ketogenic diet.


  • Contains healthy fats like ghee and coconut oil
  • Tastes great
  • All organic ingredients
  • Less than $1 per serving
  • Natural, pronounceable ingredients
  • Easy to use
  • Can be used with any hot coffee


  • Can only be used with hot coffee
  • Must be emulsified with a blender or frother
  • Comes in a plastic jar
  • Contains dairy—may not be suitable for vegans or dairy-sensitive folks
Keto-friendly Coffee Booster


Coffee Booster contains three healthy fats—clarified butter (ghee), coconut oil and raw cacao powder.

All of the ingredients in Coffee Booster are organic and non-genetically modified, the ghee is grass-fed, so it is made sustainably and deliciously.

Coffee Booster comes in a 14oz jar and does not have to be refrigerated—take it wherever you go.

To use, just add about 1-2 tablespoons to your hot coffee and blend with a high-speed blender or hand-held milk frother to emulsify the fats.

Enjoy an extra boost of energy and mental acuity to your day, and add a necessary serving of good fats to your keto diet.

Enjoy at home or at work for an extra shot of energy and focus. Your body and mind will thank you.


I could find no other products with exactly the same ingredients, but there are a few alternatives that may be a way to mix up your routine.

For increased mental acuity, try Know Brainer, a coffee creamer in powder form rather than liquid. With nearly all the same ingredients as Coffee Booster—ghee, coconut oil—as well as milk powder, sunflower lecithin and other organic flavors, Know Brainer is an easy way to incorporate good fats into your routine.

I am not mad about the non fat milk powder, but it is great for students and those on the go.

Just add to your morning coffee as you would any other creamer and get ready for a clearer mind.

Know Brainer also helps to burn fat, much like Coffee Booster, by offering the body good fats to convert into energy.

Omega PowerCreamer provides another alternative to Coffee Booster now also with the cacao.

It is made with similar products—ghee, coconut oil, MCT oil, organic cacao powder and, like Know Brainer, Sunflower Lecithin.

When you add this super food to your morning coffee, you’ll be ready to face the day sustainably, with organic coconut and grass-fed dairy.

Just stir a bit into your morning coffee as you would a creamer and enjoy more energy and mental sharpness.

Omega PowerCreamer is especially good for those who are interested in incorporating good fats into their ketogenic diet.

Omega PowerCreamer also contains MCT oil, which directly helps turn fats into energy - both mental and physical - with ease.

Also check out our Omega PowerCreamer review.


If you’re looking to add an extra boost to your keto diet or achieve or maintain a state of ketosis through consuming healthy fats like coconut oil and ghee, Coffee Booster is a great way to incorporate these fats through delicious flavor and enviable energy and a healthful burst of sharpness and focus.

Coffee Booster is easy to use—just add a tablespoon or two to your morning coffee and emulsify the fats with a blender or milk frother.

There should be a light layer on the top of your coffee, and you’ll enjoy rich, delicious coffee with the nutritional benefits you need and the flavor you crave.

Coffee Booster does not need to be refrigerated, so its perfect for those on the go who want to incorporate a new addition to their keto routine.

Burn fats instead of sugars, allow Coffee Booster to be part of your routine with 10 seconds and a blender.


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