Ketogenic Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast the easiest meal of the day when you follow a keto lifestyle...

Ketogenic Breakfast Ideas

We have always been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

If you enjoy breakfast or brunch and are looking for some ketogenic breakfast ideas, skip my rant about why I don’t eat breakfast scroll down to check out a few breakfast and brunch ideas below.

If however you don’t like to eat breakfast and is tired to hear you should, then enjoy my rant.

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To Eat Breakfast or Not

Not for me, but...

If you don’t like to have breakfast, then don’t be pressured into thinking that you should. Generally we eat too much and if you prefer to have your first meal of the day around lunch time, then go for it.

Personally, I have never been one for breakfast. I like to eat around 12 for the first time.

I however do start my day with a Bullet Proof coffee. With good MCT oil, it fuels my body and more importantly my mind for a focused and productive day.

Keto breakfast coffee

I remember when I ate high carb cereals in the morning, because it was pounded into me that I have to eat breakfast. By 10, I was hungry again. I always thought to myself, once I eat, I just can’t stop eating.

Today I understand why that it. When you live on glucose and carbs as fuel, your carb resources need to be regularly refilled.

Let’s briefly consider some of the compelling reasons why we have been told that breakfast is the best meal of the day and that we can’t skip it.

Breakfast kick starts your metabolism

This may be true, when your body is carb fueled. However, this getting my metabolism going, is also what causes me to want to eat throughout the day, because I tend to be constantly hungry.

However, when my body is fueled with good fats (butter, MCT oils or normal coconut oil), I feel like my metabolism is really revved up.

I have to acknowledge that on the days that I feel like breakfast and I have a good breakfast with lots of fat, some protein and some veggies, I get the same benefit I get from my high fat coffee.

So maybe this is all about eating the right breakfast and not about not eating.

You are less likely to snack

My personal experience is the exact opposite, but then as I realized above, it may all be about what I eat and not whether I eat.

Now when I eat a healthy and filling low carb high fat breakfast, I hardly snack at all. 🙂

You are more productive

This was never my experience, but again, maybe it had more to do with what I was told to eat – cereal and other high carb breakfasts - than actually eating breakfast.

Now a keto style breakfast is definitely leaving me more focused, energized and productive.

Now, as often happens, my own ranting, got me to the point where I realize it really isn’t about breakfast at all, but rather about eating the right breakfast for you. And this starts with…

...but, Listen to your body

Personally, as my body becomes more and more keto adapted, I will never take a position that breakfast is good or bad for me.

When I need food, I eat. When I don’t need fuel, I don’t eat. And a ketogenic breakfast is not really comparable with a high carb breakfast.

Now you may wonder why I invite you to an article about ketogenic breakfast ideas and then tell you why I don’t eat breakfast.

Well, just because I don’t want to eat when I get up, I still love breakfast foods, especially the keto versions.

It is one of the easier meals to “go keto”. After all who doesn’t love bacon?

What does make breakfast a little tough for many people is that they don’t have much time in the mornings to prepare breakfast or they need to take it with – so need a breakfast on the go option.

Breakfast in Five

Here are some of my favorite keto breakfast/brunch ideas…

Ketogenic breakfast ideas

Cheese Muffins

These are not your classic muffins though. They are made with cheese, eggs and your choice of veggies. I like to use onion, zucchini, peppers, tomato, broccoli, spinach and really any vegetables I have available.

They are great, because not only are they delicious, they are easy and fast to prepare. If you want, you can even make them in the evening before bed, and have breakfast waiting for you when you get up!

What you get with these super muffins is an easy on the go breakfast high in fat, protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals and very low in carbs.

This is one of my go to meals anytime when I don’t know if I will be able to cook a fresh meal.

I use this recipe as a base. It makes 12 “ready to go” cheese muffins.

Recipe and Instructions

  • Crack 12 eggs into a large bowl
  • Add 1/2 cup of milk or cream
  • Add salt and pepper to taste
  • Whisk until the mixture is evenly combined 
  • Now add your veggies into the mix 
  • Then add 1/2 cup of shredded cheddar cheese 
  • Whisk it all together again 
  • Pour the mixture evenly into a greased muffin tin
  • Bake for 20 minutes at 375 degrees.

Sometimes I also add ham or bacon.

Keto Breakfast Cheese Muffins

Bacon and baked eggs with wilted spinach

We all think traditional bacon and eggs when we think low carb breakfast. But if you are anything like me, you are always looking for ways to play up this classic breakfast meal.

I like one dish meals because it saves so much time on washing up.

These are really easy to make..

  • Start out by lining a baking pan with spinach.
  • Then add a layer of bacon.
  • Top these with eggs
  • Then add your choice of veggies
  • Add two tablespoons of grated cheese
  • Pop in the oven for about 20 minutes. 

...and voila you have a divine breakfast.This divine meal is not just very filling, but is also colorful and looks great.


Another of my favorite one dish breakfasts.

I love that you can add almost any combination of veggies and you will end up of a tasty meal.

Breakfast in Five

Watch these videos for three of my favorite keto frittata ideas…

Like the idea of pizza for breakfast? Then watch the video now... 

Mushroom frittata - quick and easy to make...

Another recipe, where I use whatever veggies I have available...

Wheat Free Pancakes

Pancakes is a breakfast favorite that you can still enjoy. You only need to change some of the unhealthy ingredients and you will have a delicious and energizing breakfast.

When you drop the wheat from your pancake it is generally replaced with almond flour. Almond flour is low in sugar and carbs and is a decent source of protein.

This is another keto breakfast option that is easy to take with you when you need a breakfast on the go.Here are some of my favorite recipes…

Paleo Buttermilk Pancakes

These delicious coconut and almond flour pancakes are made by Stacy from

Keto buttermilk pancakes

Paleo and Low Carb Blueberry Pancakes

This delicious recipe is high in fat, medium in protein and medium carbs. This recipe is by Vicky from

Low carb blueberry pancake


I know when you think of smoothies, you probably think that they are too high in carbs to ever make a good ketogenic breakfast.

However, smoothies can be really high fat, medium protein and low carb when you add seeds, nuts, Greek yogurt or cream, coconut oil, avocado and or nut butters, protein powder and green leafy vegetables like spinach.

For a little sweetness add a handful of berries or a sweetner like stevia.

The smoothie on the right here is my favorite keto smoothie recipe. It is another of Vicky at's creations.

To get the recipe click on the picture it will take you through to the recipe...

Smoothie Ketogenic Breakfast

Also check out our roundup of 23 keto smoothies, that are all low carb, tasty and quick to make. They are the perfect breakfast if you are trying to follow a low carb vegan or vegetarian diet.


Our roundup of 27 keto instant pot recipes. Included in this roundup are 5 keto breakfast options that are super quick to make.

What about you?

Do you love breakfast? Has your breakfast habits changed since you started on a keto journey? Please share your ketogenic breakfast ideas with us in the comments...

Breakfast in Five
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