27 Keto Instant Pot Recipes for Effortless Cooking

I often hear – “I can’t follow a low carb or keto lifestyle because it is too expensive or too much work, and it takes too long to prepare meals.”

I agree you need to plan your meals, and it is helpful to batch cook on weekends. I do this most of the time, and I shared my lunch prepping ideas here.


We don’t always have the time. So, I was not surprised when I saw how many keto instant pot recipe books had been published in recent times.

Keto Instant Pot Recipes

Want to know more?

Then check out this post, where I discuss a few of these low carb instant pot cookbooks and what to look for when you buy kindle recipe books.

Now, I know I tend to talk a lot - if you want to check out the pressure cooker meals on this page, scroll down or click here to go straight to the soups and broths or here to go to the lunch and dinner recipe.

Still reading?

Then you may be wondering what else I have to say besides sharing the recipes I have promised you.

Two things.

The first is -

If you have some questions about how to use your instant pot or how to convert traditional or crockpot recipes to pressure cooker recipes, then you’ll want to check out the amazing resources at Hip Pressure Cooking School.


I assume if you are looking for instant pot keto recipes, you already own one and are looking for meal ideas.

But if you don’t, then you may want to check out my favorite - the Instant Pot Duo here on Amazon

And unless you have a really good reason to get a smaller pot, go for the 8-quart size.

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Now, let’s get to the best keto instant pot recipes on the internet.

I’ve separated them into breakfast and brunch. Then soups, lunches and dinners and then desserts. 

These dishes are amazing, but please let me know in the comments if you are looking for anything I have missed.

27 Keto Instant Pot Recipes that are Low Carb and Easy

Breakfast and Brunch the Super-fast Way

If you need a quick breakfast before you leave home in the morning or like to have breakfast on the go, you’ll need to do some planning.

One way is to batch cook on weekends with or without your instant pot.

The other is to do some prep work at night and pre-set your instant pot to start cooking as soon as you need it to in the morning.

And if you want to impress your friends with a beautiful keto brunch, thencarry on reading.

But first things first.

Let’s start with the humble hard-boiled egg…

Hard-Boiled Eggs (Steamed)

If you open the fridge of most ketoers, the one cooked item you are always likely to find is hard-boiled eggs.

Not only are eggs a favorite for breakfast, but it is also a perfect anytime snack.

My pet peeve with boiled eggs is losing some of the egg when I peel it. I don’t understand why some eggs peel with no problem, and others don’t want to play along.

So what makes boiling eggs in an instant pot easy to peel?

Jessica from Jay’s Baking me Crazy says that they are easy to peel because they are steamed and not boiled.

She does say, though, that it is best to peel them while they are still warm. She lets them cool down for 5 minutes and then peels them.

Steamed Eggs

Check out exactly how she makes them here.

Sous Vide Bacon Egg Bites

These bites are the perfect on-the-go keto breakfast and an excellent post-workout meal for those of you who like to work out in the morning before work.

Brandi from Stay Snatched says that she regularly made egg white muffins in the oven but found that they were a bit dried out and not evenly cooked.

She likes sous vide texture, and by making these in an instant pot, she could achieve this texture.

Sous Vide bacon egg bites

Recipe and Photo Credit – StaySnatched.com

Instant Pot Breakfast Casserole

I like this keto breakfast casserole because we very much eat with our eyes, and this is a beautiful and delicious dish that is perfect for brunch with your friends.

California breakfast burritos inspired this recipe. But instead of using hash browns or potatoes, Carolyn from AllDayIDreamAboutFood.com found a good use for shredded broccoli stalks.

Instant Pot Breakfast Casserole

Get the recipe on her website, and if you like her recipe books, don’t miss the launch of her new book – Easy Keto Desserts, in July.

Pressure Cooker Frittata

Do you like light and fluffy eggs and frittatas? Then you should consider making them in your pressure cooker.

… and if you need recipes, Urvashi Pitre from Two Sleevers should be one of your “go-to” recipe developers.

You’ve probably seen her Instant Pot Cookbook on Amazon.

If not, click on the image to check it out.

But, let's get back to her delicious frittata recipe!

This delicious keto broccoli ham and pepper frittata is another of those recipes that are perfect for when you want to entertain your friends with a delightful keto-friendly brunch.

It is made with eggs, ham, cheese, cream, red peppers, and broccoli and has 7 grams of net carbs per portion.

Pressure Cooker Frittata

Coconut Porridge

Are you looking for a non-egg Instant pot breakfast recipe?

Then check out this fragrant low carb coconut porridge recipe with only 6 grams of net carbs per portion. (Without the berries.)

It takes about 15 minutes to make. It is made with dried coconut, coconut flour, coconut milk, psyllium husk, and water. It is flavored with vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, stevia, and monk fruit.

Coconut Porridge

Quick and Tasty Broth and Soups

Usually, when we think of soup and broth, we think of long hours in the kitchen.

But you can cook your favorite ketogenic soup in a fraction of the time with your instant pot.

Here's how with some of my favorite recipes…

5 Keto Instant Pot Soup Recipes

Bone Broth

Whether you have recently started a keto lifestyle or have been eating keto for a long time, you are probably very much aware of the benefits of bone broth.

Many of us buy bone broth because it takes a long time to make.

But in fact:

You can also make your own within hours if you know how to.

In this recipe, Heather from Mommy Potamus shows us exactly how.

Bone Broth

Low Carb Chowder

How can I use the words low carb and chowder in one sentence?

Usually, chowder is made with potatoes, and unfortunately, potatoes are not low carb and are not keto-friendly.


Potatoes are not the only vegetable we can use to make chowder.

This chowder is made with celeriac root, and the creaminess is created with cauliflower.

You can have it on the table in 30 minutes from start to finish. Oh yeah, this deliciously rich, creamy, and fragrant chowder is also dairy-free.

So what is the downside?

You are still looking at around 10 net grams of carbs per portion, and even though that is not low, it is doable. Enjoy…

Low Carb Chowder

Lindsey created this recipe from All the Nourishing Things. Get this recipe and many more nourishing recipes from her blog.

Cabbage Soup

Cabbage is my favorite veggie. It is versatile, cheap, and low carb. And most of all - I like the taste.

So, combine it with ground beef, beef broth, a little onion, tomato, amino acids, and flavoring, and the result is a delicious, quick soup for any night of the week.

And yes…

It is low carb with less than 5 grams of net carbs per portion.

Cabbage Soup

This recipe is one of many delicious keto recipes you’ll find on Kasey’s blog – KasyTrenum.com.

Keto Broccoli Cheese Soup

This delicious rich soup is the perfect keto meal on a cold evening.

It has only 5 grams of net carbs, with 17 grams of protein and 40 grams of fat.

If you are looking for a rich typical keto soup recipe, then you’d want to check out this recipe with its heavy cream, cheese, broccoli, and chicken broth.

And best of all – you can whip it together in your instant pot in 20 minutes.

Keto Broccoli Cheese Soup

To get this recipe and more, visit Taryn’s Joy Filled Kitchen.

Instant Pot Chicken Noodle Soup

For many of us, chicken soup is the remedy from our childhood that makes us feel better when we suffer from a cold or flu.

It is the perfect nourishing soup all year round, though.

Of course, it is made with chicken and packed with lots of keto-friendly veggies with cauliflower, broccoli, celery, zucchini, red peppers, mushrooms, and beans.

It is made with my favorite shirataki noodles. I love them, but I know they are not for everybody.

If you are unsure about them, just give them a go in this soup. Make sure to rinse them well and enjoy the texture of noodles with fiber but no carbs.

How else will you be able to enjoy a nourishing chicken noodle soup with less than 5 grams of net carbs per serving?

Low Carb Instant Pot Chicken Noodle Soup

This warm and comforting goodness is by Martina from Keto Diet Blog. 

Martina is one of my favorite keto cookbook authors. She published a book last year with keto slow cooker and one-pot meals

Who knows, maybe we can expect an instant pot book from her in the not too distant future. 🙂

Okay then, let's move on to the main meals...

Everyday Lunch and Dinner Keto Pressure Cooker Recipes

Do you think stews and soups when you think pressure cooker recipes?

I understand why, but you can prepare any meal in your pressure cooker.

To showcase the best low-carb pressure cooker meals, I searched many websites and found many delicious keto instant pot dinners.

I was looking for different cooking techniques and also specific hero ingredients. I decided to group them by ingredient.

So this section with keto mains starts with LCHF Chicken meals.

Then there are a few low carb seafood and fish dishes, followed by lamb, pork, and beef recipes.

So, let’s start with…

Instant Pot Whole Rotisserie Chicken

Making a tender, juicy rotisserie chicken in your instant pot can’t be simpler.

It takes a little time but is so simple to do, and you’ll know precisely what spices and other ingredients to use in preparing the chicken.

Get the recipe and step-by-step instructions to make a rotisserie chicken in your cooker at  A Pinch of Healthy.

Lemon and Olive Ligurian Pressure Cooker Recipe

What I like about this recipe is not just that it is low carb and flavorful and delicious, but that it is part of a training session on how to use your pressure cooker.

Laura from Hip Pressure Cooking is a household name when it comes to developing recipes and teaching others how to use their pressure cookers to maximum effect.

This recipe is part of section 5 in her course, where she teaches how to braise food for maximum flavor.

Okay, back to the recipe!

This chicken is cooked with a marinade consisting of cloves, rosemary, sage, parsley, salt, pepper, lemon juice, olive oil, and water.

It has less than 3 grams of net carbs per portion.

And if, like me, you want to keep the fat grams higher, just keep the skin on.

Lemon and Olive Chicken Pressure Cooker Recipe

For the recipe and to learn everything you may want to know about using your pressure cooker, visit Hip Pressure Cooking.

Buffalo Chicken Meat Balls

If you like the ideas of Buffalo chicken without the mess, then you’d want to give this recipe a go.

It is made with ground chicken, almond meal, and hot sauce as the main ingredients and has only 2 grams of net carbs per portion.

Enjoy and get the recipe here at What Great Grandma Ate.

Buffalo Chicken Meat Balls

Then let's move on to seafood and fish dishes.

I searched for keto-friendly fish and seafood instant pot dishes but wasn’t successful.

If you have a great recipe, please share them below.

I found a delicious Whole30 recipe for Gumbo that may be a little high in carbs, but you know that it is made with natural good whole foods.

The second is a low carb salmon recipe with honey in its dressing, but you can replace the honey with your sweetener of choice and end up with a divine keto-friendly easy and quick-to-make salmon.

Whole30 Instant Pot Seafood Gumbo

Gumbo – Soup or Stew?

Enjoy this delicious, comforting, rich meal either way. If you make it as a stew, serve it with cauliflower rice.

The heroes in this Gumbo are sea bass and shrimp. It is complemented with onions, bell peppers, celery, and tomatoes.

It is seasoned with Cajun seasoning, and of course, no super healthy soup or stew can be complete without bone broth.

Whole30 Instant Pot Seafood Gumbo

Want to see more? Then check it out now.

Salmon with Chili Lime Sauce

I like salmon, not only for its taste but also because it is high in omega 3.


I just seem to have a mental block when cooking it.


I found these instructions by Julia from Savory Tooth, where she explains how she perfectly makes salmon in her instant pot in just 5 minutes.

It really can’t be simpler.

Salmon with Chili Lime Sauce

Check out how she does it and get her chili lime sauce recipe.

If you want to lower the carbs in the dressing, use less honey or a sweetener of your choice.

Rich Lamb Stew

If you’ve followed Essential Keto for a while, you know that I am a big fan of one-pot meals, and this rich lamb stew tick all my “I have to have this” boxes.

Set aside a few hours and cook this lamb shoulder. You can feed 15 with this recipe or cook it over the weekend, so you have easy lunches and dinners during the week.

Serve with sour cream and Parmesan cheese, and you have a delicious low-carb, high-fat dish with less than 2 grams of net carbs per portion.

Rich Lamb Stew

The recipe was developed by Gerri from MyKetoKitchen.

Gerri from MyKetoKitchen developed the recipe.

Pork is one of my favorite meats, and not just talking bacon. 🙂

Like me, you are probably used to making these dishes in the oven, but try them in your pressure cooker and share your experience with us in the comments below.

Smothered Pork Chops

Do you want a delicious dinner but don’t want to heat your whole kitchen during the hot summer months?

Then make these tasty and juicy smothered pork chops.

What makes them special is the rich, creamy mushroom sauce. Oh, and don’t worry, they have just more than 4 grams of net carbs each.

Click on the image for the recipe and photo credit and step-by-step picture instructions.

Smothered Pork Chops

Ketogenic Pork Ribs Two Ways

The first is Melissa with her Instant Pot.

Since falling in love with her instant pot, Melissa from I Breath I’m Hungry has converted a number of her traditional low-carb recipes into instant pot recipes.

So, if you want to make pork ribs in your instant pot, then check out her step-by-step instructions to make them in less than an hour.

The second is Sahil’s, which he cooks in his stovetop pressure cooker and then finishes off in a wok.

Sahil is my favorite keto YouTuber. If you have not watched the Headbanger in his kitchen, you'll want to check out his channel.

Watch him here prepare his ketogenic barbecue pork ribs and get the recipe for his ribs and his keto barbecue sauce.

After these fantastic pork rib recipes, let's move on to some ideas with beef.

... after these amazing pork rib recipes, let's move on to some ideas with beef...

No-Noodle Lasagna

I usually bake my lasagna in the oven, so I was surprised when I found a lasagna instant pot recipe.

But why not? There is nothing we can’t make in our instant pots.

Lisa from Low Carb Yum created this recipe by layering ground beef, cheese (ricotta, Parmesan, and mozzarella) mixed with an egg and marinara sauce.

No Noodle Lasagna

You have to try it. Click here for the recipe.

Low Carb Crock Pot or Instant Pot Chili

Make this chili in your instant pot in a bit more than half an hour. Or take your time and prepare it in your crockpot.

Both methods are great and will result in a tasty meal.

For this chili to be low carb, it is obviously made without beans.

Low Carb Crock Pot or Instant Pot Chili

Get the recipe from Wholesome Yum, and don’t miss the video where Maya shows how she makes it.

Beef Roast

When I was a child, my mother made a lamb or beef roast for Sunday lunch. The meat usually went into the oven early Sunday morning or even into the oven on Saturday night.

With this beef roast recipe from Denise of My Life Cookbook, I can recreate a Sunday roast in a bit more than an hour.

And if you like garlic, you are golden, as we’d say.

If you prefer to make meals like these in your slow cooker, she has you covered too.

Beef Roast

Now for the yummiest desserts…

Decadent Low Carb Instant Pot Desserts

Enjoy these delicious desserts, and please share your thoughts below.

Pecan Pie Cheesecake


Carolyn from All Day I Dream About Food says this is the creamiest cheesecake ever.

She also says she can whip it up in a fraction of the time it would take her to bake a low carb pecan pie cheesecake the traditional way.

And best of all

It only has about 3.5 net carbs per portion.

My only complaint. 🙁

I still have to let it chill for three hours. But it is worth the wait, even for someone as impatient as me.

Pecan Pie Cheesecake in Your Instant Pot

Low Carb Chocolate Mousse

Do you have 4.4 grams of net carbs to spare for this chocolate treat?

This divine mousse recipe is from Denise at MyLifeCookBook.com.

The recipe had its origin as pots de crème. In their low carb conversion, they became more like chocolate mousse. And so these delectable, low-carb instant pot chocolate mousse desserts were born.

They are made with egg yolks, sweetener, cacao, water, cream, almond milk, vanilla, and sea salt. Denise makes them either in ramekins or little 4 oz mason jars.

Ouch, another dessert I have to wait for to set. They are quick to make but need 4 hours to set. So if you’d like to make these for a special dessert, make them the day before.

Low carb chocolate Mousse

Get the recipe at My Life Cookbook.

Thai Coconut Pandan Custard

This Thai keto custard is made in an instant pot by Urvashi from Two Sleevers.

I like the custard texture and the green color that you’ll get from the pandan extract. It reminds me of a fridge tart my mother used to make.

It is a simple dairy-free recipe with only four ingredients – eggs, unsweetened coconut milk, sweetener, and pandan extract.

It has 6 grams of net carbs, and your kids will enjoy it too.

Thai Coconut Pandan Custard

Pressure Cooker Crustless Cheesecake

Make a delicious, decadent, and creamy cheesecake with five ingredients in just 30 minutes.

All you need is cream cheese, eggs, sweetener, and vanilla extract for the cheesecake and strawberries for the topping.

But, yeah, it is a cheesecake, so you’ll have to wait a few hours for it to chill.

Pressure Cooker Crustless Cheesecake

Get the recipe from Jamie at Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom.

Almond Cake

If you enjoy my keto roundup recipes, you’ll know that I never share more than two recipes from one recipe developer.

(Check out our recipe page for more of our recipe roundups, or check out our most popular roundup – Easy keto lunches for work.)

Today I break my own rule with this, the third recipe I share from Urvashi Pitre.

If you like a simple moist cake, then you’d want to try this gluten-free almond cake that she makes with almond flour and shredded coconut.

It has only 3 grams of net carbs per slice, and you can get the recipe here.

As I mentioned in this post – Keto Instant Pot Cookbooks, with the increasing popularity of the Instant Pot, many food bloggers are publishing books to share their fabulous recipes with us.

You can get the recipe at the link above or check out Urvashi’s book on Amazon by clicking on the book below.


If you are still reading, I trust you enjoyed our roundup and found some fantastic dishes to try.

Would you please leave a comment and tell us which of our low-carb, high-fat instant pot recipes you have tried or will be making?

But if you are still wondering if an instant pot is suitable for you, then this is why it may very well be:

The first is convenience and speed. You can cook a gourmet meal in a fraction of the time, making them really energy efficient.

And they are awesome on hot summer days as they don’t overwhelm your kitchen with heat as a regular oven would.

Given that it is a relatively small appliance, it doesn’t take up a lot of kitchen space.

Lastly, for someone following a keto diet to whom the quality of my food is essential, food prepared in the pot retains most of its nutrients.

Now it is your turn to share your easy keto instant pot recipes with us!

27 Easy Keto Instant Pot Recipes

Noline is a therapeutic reflexologist who converted to the keto lifestyle after losing 55 pounds without counting calories or starving herself. She is a Professor Tim Noakes and the Nutrition Network student and feels compelled to share the low-carb lifestyle with as many people as possible. She does this at Essential Keto, where she shares resources, recipes, and experiences while working on losing that last 10 pounds.

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