Fat Head Kids Review

Fat Head Kids Review

Do you ever wish you knew how food really worked when you were a teen or a young adult?

I do!

More so, I wish that I knew the impact of foods like sugar and fat on my body when I was still a child.

Then I wouldn't have had to always be hungry because I cut out fat. Then I wouldn't have had to feel that it was my fault for eating too much. Maybe then I would have been able to understand that when you eat certain foods, they make you crave more of those foods.

... and when you eat real foods, your body is nourished and your brain doesn't remain hungry.

If this is you, then you have to check out this book now. Go straight here.

... and if you want to know more about this amazing book, then you are in the right place. I wrote this Fat Head Kids Review for you.

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What is Fat Head Kids?

Fat Head Kids - Stuff about diet and health I wish I knew when I was your age is a thrilling children's book published by film maker Tom Naughton.

It is not just for the 10 or 12 year old in your life. It is an amazing book for the 12 year old in you.

The child in you who felt like a failure when you couldn't lose the weight, when counting calories didn't help you to get rid of the extra weight.

If you were ever made to feel that it was your fault that you gained weight, then maybe you want to read this book.

Fat Head Kids

It explains that the concept of calories in, calories out only explains how we get fat not why we get fat. It then explains in detail why we get fat. Why what we eat is as important if not more important than how much we eat.

It is a beautifully illustrated journey in a spaceship explaining how our bodies work and the role of food in fueling this spaceship. Just look at some of the chapters to appreciate what this book is about...

  • Getting fat isn't about character
  • Getting fat is about chemistry
  • Hunger is a message from the crew
  • How the fuel system works
  • Today's "healthy" diet isn't your natural diet
  • How bad science caused a mass migration to the wrong planet
  • How the wrong food sends the wrong message and damages the fuel system
  • Those "healthy whole grains" are not healthy food
  • Food sets the mood
  • Good sleep is almost as important as good food
  • To stay healthy you need to feed trillion of your closest friends
  • My whole life could have been different
  • It is perfectly good to be good instead of perfect
Fat Head Kids

What I like about Fat Head Kids

  • It is funny and entertaining.
  • It explains complex concepts in easy to understand ways.
  • The book is interesting and engaging.
  • It is beautifully illustrated.
  • The best way to learn is to informed and entertained at the same time and this book really delivers both.
  • It explains in simple terms the body chemistry behind getting fat. The why we get fat.
  • It counter acts the negative and wrong information that I kids are fed every day in a simple way.
  • I like how it moves away from fat shaming and explaining why being overweight is not about having a bad character or no self control.
  • It explains the value of food and nutrition without focusing on "diets" and being deprived.
  • Everybody who wrote a review on Amazon loved this book. Go check out the reviews.

The downside

  • I wish we didn't have to have this conversation with our children, but unfortunately we have to and this book is the simplest and easiest way to do that.
  • There is nothing I don't like about this book, except maybe that you will end up buying more than one book as you start giving these away to friends and family.

Bottom Line

If you or your kid is overweight, it doesn't mean you have a bad character. It may just mean that you are eating the wrong foods. Our bodies are made to live of fuel, not glucose (sugar).

When you change your fuel, it becomes easy to let go of the excess weight.

The current advise of eat less and exercise more, is not going to help you or your child to lose the weight, gain energy and be healthy in the long run.

The way we have been eating hasn't worked for the last 40 years.

The answer may very well be a ketogenic diet and the place to start to understand how it all works is this Fat Head Kids book.

Nowhere will you find these concepts explained in a simpler and easier way to understand.

It is time that we stop blaming ourselves for being overweight and get the right facts and tools so that we can make better decisions that will help us to live healthy and energetic lives.

Click here to discover this for yourself

The author's daughters started a Fat Head Club and published a few videos illustrating some of the content from the book.

Watch them here explaining what happens when you eat food high in sugar and fat...

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