Keto Launches

The ketogenic world is a fast paced environment with lots of new keto books and programs being launched all the time.

These resources are incredibly helpful when we try to adopt a ketogenic lifestyle and to help us succeed long term with this way of eating. At the same time many keto friendly products are being developed.

Keto Launches

We started this section on our website to get the best out of all these developments.

We publish information about new launches of books, programs and products as and when we become aware of them.

​Information Overload Disclaimer

Only check out these launches if, like me, you like to know what is new on the market. Don’t let it overwhelm you though. Knowledge is power, but too much information can create confusion.

If you want to discover more about the background, criteria, categories then scroll down or click here...

Essential Keto presents Keto launches from August...

​August Launches

​These are the main launches that I found in August...

​​Recipe Books

TasteAholics released their long awaited Desserts in Five eCookbook during August.

​​Desserts in Five

​Desserts in 5 is a recipe book by TasteAholics with 30 keto dessert recipes all made with 5 ingredients or less and  with 5 net carbs or less.

Desserts in Five

Vicky Ushakova and Rami Abramov from

​​More About Desserts in Five

This is their fifth book and the fourth in their Keto in Five series.

I like their erecipe books, because they are all very focused.

Each book has 30 easy to make recipes that is focused on one meal. They are all made with no more than 5 ingredients and with 5 net carbs or less.

The dessert recipes are delicious and imaginative. They cover every type of dessert that you may want to make and added a new twist to some old time favorite recipes like panna cotta and creme brulee.

I have always been a big fan of their work. To read my review about all four Keto in Five books go here.

​Where to Find it

​On their website here.

​​​Keto Programs

Are you vegan?

Then this launch from Meat Free Keto, is the one program you may really want to check out.

​​Meat Free Keto

​Meat Free Keto is a keto guide for vegans.

Meat Free Keto Program

Elizabeth McDowell from, also known as Gamer Girl.

​More About Meat Free Keto

​Liz ​started a vegan ketogenic diet in 2012, but could not find many resources to support her conversion from a high carb vegan diet to a low carb keto vegan diet.

​After years of learning and experimenting, she decided to create the vegan keto guide she wished she had when she changed to a low carb high fat diet.

In the guide she: 

  • mail-forward
    ​Answers commonly asked keto vegan diet questions.
  • mail-forward

    ​Explains​​​ the best macro nutrient profiles for vegans wanting to follow a keto diet.

  • mail-forward

    ​Includes a 7 day meal plan with vegan shopping lists and recipes.

​Where to Get it

​​​Keto Meal Delivery Services

​If you live in the USA, you may want to check out Green Chef.

They deliver meals all across in the USA and in August launched their keto friendly meal service.

​​Keto Friendly Meal Deliveries


​Green Chef for delivery all across the USA.

​More About Their Keto Meals

According to Green Chef, their meals are ketogenic friendly, but not "keto stringent".

Each meal has about 30 grams of net carbs. 

So these meals could work for people who have already achieved their weight loss goals and are trying to maintain a keto fueled lifestyle without worrying too much about exactly what to cook every day.

​Where to Get it

​From ​

​About Keto Launches

The Ketogenic diet has become really popular.

As we all know it is not a new diet, it has been around for many decades. What is new is the way we are thinking about our food and our growing understanding of how our food affect our health.

Much research has been done over the last few decades that proof that fat is not the culprit, but our problem is sugar and grains.

Many health experts, scientists, and doctors are starting to realize and acknowledge that to be healthy and slim, our first priority needs to be what we eat and are writing about it.

There are also many ordinary people who have adopted this way of eating and are spreading the word.

As a result of the growing popularity of the fat fueled paradigm, more and more ketogenic books and programs are released.

The aim of this page is to announce the launch of any ketogenic book or program as I become aware of the launch.

The objective is to announce the launch or pre-launch of these books and programs.

I am not necessarily endorsing them and in many instances I will not be able to read or study them prior to the announcement.


Keto launch criteria

The criteria I consider before announcing a launch here are:

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    ​Supports the Keto lifestyle. (The ketogenic diet is a very personalized diet and I don’t subscribe to any narrow version of it.)
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    ​Adds value to the discourse. (I know this is also somewhat subjective.)
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    Provides step by step instructions to make the change from glucose to fat as fuel.

  • mail-forward

    Recipe books by well-known keto bloggers, experts or new comers whose books look interesting.


​This will develop over time, but the main categories are:

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    Recipe books​​

  • mail-forward
    ​Programs that can assist us to adopt to or maintain a ketogenic lifestyle.
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    ​Books that improve our knowledge of how our bodies are fueled.

​​Help Us

If you are aware of a launch or are launching your own book and I have not picked up on it, please let me know, so that I can check it out and add it.

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Keto Launches to Change Your Fuel