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BPI Sports First Ever Ketogenic Pre-Workout Supplement, Blue Lemon Ice: A Boost to Help Achieve Your Health Goals

Being healthy and feeling great includes not only keeping a close watch on what you eat and remaining in ketosis but also getting adequate cardiovascular exercise.

When you are on a ketogenic diet, you may be concerned about not having enough energy for an intense exercise routine or that you may use muscle as energy.

Getting enough exercise and remaining in ketosis are important to achieve all your weight loss goals. When you are on a low-carbohydrate diet and want to start a new workout routine, it is important to know which supplement you should choose in order to make the most of your workout.

BPI Ketogenic Pre-Workout Supplement will give you the energy to get you through the most intense workout routine.

Even when you are following a strict low-carbohydrate, fat-burning diet, a challenging workout is still important to achieving all your health goals. BPI Sports Ketogenic Pre-Workout Supplement will give you that important extra boost of energy you need to complete your run, weights routine or fitness class.

Getting in shape and keeping your ketones levels up doesn’t have to be a hassle—check into a great supplement like BPI Sports Ketogenic Pre-Workout Supplement to help kick your healthy lifestyle into high gear.

BPI Sports Ketogenic Pre-Workout Supplement


The first question on your mind might be, “What makes BPI Sports Ketogenic Pre Workout Supplement essential to my workout routine?”

What is in it that sets it apart from other pre-workout supplements? In addition to a delicious citrus burst of flavor, a unique blend of ingredients such as beta hydroxyl salts to help regulate your blood sugar and caffeine anhydrous to help to keep you energized and ready for anything, as well as kicking your body’s propensity for weight loss up a notch.

Instead of burning empty carbohydrates, BPI Sports Ketogenic Pre-Workout supplement will burn fat to increase energy and motivate your mental and physical states.

Your next question might be, “How do I use this supplement?” Simply dissolve one scoop of BPI Sports Ketogenic Pre Workout Supplement into a glass of cold water (about 8 ounces) about a half hour before your workout. If you find the supplement to be a little sweet, like some people do, then dissolve it in 10 to 12 ounces of water.

You’ll be able to feel a natural burst of energy and motivating focus that will help you transition smoothly into your workout—no more dreading trips to the gym. Your fitness goals are within arm’s reach, and a transition into weight loss and a healthy lifestyle is within your grasp.

At 30 servings in a container, its worth every penny to help you on your way to achieving a healthy lifestyle and lose unwanted body fat. We all deserve to feel great and look our best—BPI Sports Ketogenic Pre Workout Supplement is a great way to help motivate, hydrate and re-appropriate fat stores as a source of energy.


  • Great citrus taste
  • Easy to prepare
  • Support the body to use fat as energy rather than glucose
  • Protects muscles
  • Safe to use with intermittent fasting
  • Helps maintain mental acuity and focus


  • May taste a little too sweet for some people
  • Some may experience a jittery reaction—take as directed
  • Contains caffeine


The BPI Sports Ketogenic Pre-Workout Supplement is a great addition to your health and workout routine—with a fresh, citrus flavor and easy to use method, this supplement is great for those who are looking to maintain ketosis while building strength and focus during their workout.

One scoop in 8 oz of water will prepare you for a workout full of fat-burning and strengthening capabilities, not a fast crash or lack of motivation.

Make the most of your workout and maintain your ketone levels the easy way—BPI Sports Ketogenic Pre-Workout Supplement has all the ingredients to help you feel healthy and look your best.

From caffeine anhydrous to help keep distractions to a minimum to BHB salts that level out ketones and direct your cells to burn fat for energy instead of glucose, the BPI Sports Ketogenic Pre-Workout Supplement is second to none for those who are looking to transform not only their diet and workout routine, but their lives.


Though BPI Sports Ketogenic Pre-Workout Supplement is one of the only ketone and ketosis diet based supplements in the market, there are also a few alternatives to consider checking out. One such alternative is Perfect Keto Base, a ketone supplement in two flavors, chocolate sea salt and peaches and cream.

This base helps to raise blood ketone levels, allowing the body to achieve ketosis and burn fat instead of glucose. This supplement is ideal for achieving a beginning level of ketosis, kicking up mental acuity and energy levels.

Rather than BPI Sports Ketogenic Pre-Workout supplement, which as to be taken before a workout, Keto Base can be taken at any time. Keto Base is also caffeine free, for those who do not respond well to caffeine. Keto Base is generally a bit more expensive than the BPI Sports alternative.

Another alternative is Julian Bakery’s InstaKetones, with a similar citrus flavor to BPI Sports Ketogenic Pre-Workout Supplement, InstaKetones also contains caffeine from unroasted “green” coffee beans for increased mental sharpness as well as a caffeine free version.

This supplement is great for re-adjusting the body into a state of ketosis after consuming carbohydrates. For those who occasionally forget to adhere to their low carbohydrate and sugar diet, InstaKetones is a great supplement to get you back on track.


For those on a ketogenic diet, a full cardiovascular workout is ideal for fat burning as well as looking and feeling your best. Pre-Workout Supplement is ideal for keeping your focused, energized and ready for anything.

With a fresh and energizing citrus flavor and easy to use formula, you’ll be able to easily incorporate this pre-workout supplement into your routine.

Especially for those who are on a ketogenic or low carb diet or are fasting intermittently, this pre workout supplement is a perfect way to kick your workout routine up a notch.